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Speaker, Author, thought leader

Shiraz speaks at Live & virtual summits, panels, and coaching buffets. He also presents video and media keynotes, workshops, lunch ‘n learns, and webinars, as well as doing online tutorials and Facebook & YouTube Lives.

Sizzle Reel

“Shiraz is an insightful speaker that brings practical wisdom and life experience together to inspire and engage the audience.”

Steve Flemming

Organizer, Soul City Social Club

Shiraz is an incredible speaker! When you need someone to speak for a podcast, show, or event, you want someone who can relate to vast differences in your audience and someone who can keep things light enough to reach people who may otherwise be difficult to reach. Shiraz can reach everyone in the audience and then some. He is funny, charismatic, and brings a gift of story-telling while being clear, easy to understand, and knowledgeable in his craft. In addition to being able to speak of his line of work, he also has the rare ability to jump in and share about any number of topics that could be beneficial to your audience, with authority and ease. I highly recommend Shiraz as a speaker!

Jessica Dugas

Creator/Producer/Host at The Breakthrough Show Network

“He captivated the attention of the audience for the duration of his presentation and I received great feedback from the guests afterwards. He is welcome to come back to speak at our events anytime.”

Tammy Defoe

Founder, Business Coach, Public Speaking Instructor at GTApreneurs Inc.

Stop overcoming Obstacles. Start creating Possibilities


Like many people, you may think you know what the obstacle to your success and happiness is. But you just can’t seem to fix it. 

In the crazy world we live in, being able to change your reality has never been more important. Being able to step out of the struggles that are currently dominating the world, gives you a powerful advantage that should not be missed.

The issue is that you can’t just change reality. Or can you?

In his talks, Shiraz helps you to you see things a different way. He shows you how many of the things that you’ve decided are problems, are actually solutions to problems you aren’t even aware of. You’ve been trying to fix the symptom, not the cause. When you recognize and fix the cause, your reality shifts.

Keynote Topics

  • How to Improve your Business without Changing a Thing
  • From Pain to Purpose: How your Illness is Secretly Helping You
  • The Problem is the Solution: why you secretly want that big business problem to stay and don’t realize it
  • You’re Doing It Wrong: Why the Problem You’re Trying to Fix Isn’t What’s Important
  • Resistance is Futile: Why Trying to Avoid Past Mistakes Can Hinder Future Success


Millionaire Mindset Movement

Shiraz’s Previous Speaking Gigs

“Your Current Life is just a First Draft, and You Get Unlimited Drafts.” – Shiraz

Shiraz’s talks are:

  • informational
  • inspirational
  • transformational

Audience members have reported changes to their outlook on life, their relationships with wealth and prosperity, and even improvements in their health after attending one of Shiraz’s talks.

He truly is a Reality Shifting Specialist.


“I just felt better about myself. I felt better in my own skin. My mindset was cleaner. I was making better decisions for myself, and I was showing up as a better version of myself, and not just in my business, but for my family.”


Andy Torr

Organizer, Soul City Social Club

“Another awesome evening full of laughter, wonderful insight, and powerful shifting”


Kayli Riann

Spiritual Life Coach

“He worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from getting more clients. I felt a huge sense of relief after he worked on me and, the very next day, I realized that the sense of overwhelm I used to have was no longer there. I also started getting inquiries about my services, and a few signed up, which is pretty amazing. The doors have been unlocked.”


Nisreen MamFoda

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