Live the life other coaches dream of.

Impact more clients in greater ways while having more personal freedom.

You’re Frustrated

That’s basically the emotion that’s dominating your life right now.

You’ve got a business and it’s paying the bills. It’s even generating a profit, but it’s just not growing or growing fast enough. And you’ve tried what feels like everything. You’ve worked business coaches, and you’re still stuck. You’ve tried promotions, and you’re still stuck. You’ve purchased a bunch of those wonderful offers on the Internet that are guaranteed to get your business going, and you’re still stuck.










“Not only have I moved my practice from my home to into a clinic of my own, but I have also quintupled my income.”

Chantal Milot, Owner, Chantal Milot & Associates.

A Top Ten Sports Massage Therapist in Ontario, 2019 & 2020 Consumer Choice Award Winner for Business Excellence










You’re not Alone

I was right where you are. I know how it feels. I know how frustrated you are right now. It fucking sucks!

But you’re not going to let that stop you. You’re here because you’re determined. You’re NOT the type of person that gives up. You’ve busted through other big obstacles in your life and this is just another problem to solve. You know there’s a way out, a solution you that will give you the freedom you crave. You just haven’t found it yet.

And, that’s what’s so frustrating. You see others succeeding doing what you’re doing and you’re just as smart and capable as them, if not more. So what is it?

“He worked on my fear of success, which was blocking me from getting more clients. I felt a huge sense of relief after he worked on me and, the very next day, I realized that the sense of overwhelm I used to have was no longer there. I also started getting inquiries about my services, and a few signed up, which is pretty amazing. The doors have been unlocked.”

Nisreen MamFoda
Certified Hypnotist, Holistic Life Solutions

I’ll tell you the secret right now

The problem you’re trying to solve isn’t the REAL problem.

It’s just a symptom of the REAL problem.

And when you solve that REAL problem, the way forward becomes clear.

“I was totally petrified to do any kind of speaking online. now I have three under my belt with over 5000 people.

So this fear that’s been haunting my my whole entire life has, I think, been resolved.”

Devin Kinasz
Producer, Travelweek










Watch Your Reality Shift

With the real problem out of the way, your business starts to grow again. You don’t have to work as hard. Resources become available that you didn’t know you could access. And your relationship with your clients improves.

It’s like reality itself shifts.

Imagine the relief you’ll feel as that block crumbles. Imagine moving forward with that enthusiam you miss so much right now. Imagine the life you love as if by magic.

“I just felt better about myself. I felt better in my own skin. My mindset was cleaner. I was making better decisions for myself, and I was showing up as a better version of myself, and not just in my business, but for my family.”

Andy Torr, Andy Torr Coaching.

How do you get from here to there?

How do you find out what the real problem is? And, just to be clear, there may be more than one.

Book a breakthrough session with me. Give me 15 minutes to make you look at your business reality in a completely different way. In that 15 minutes, we will also start the process of identifying and removing that problem.

Freedom from your frustration is just an appointment away. It’s 15 minutes. Just book it.